Transfer Students

If you have attended another college or university and taken credit bearing courses, you would be considered a transfer student when applying for an undergraduate degree program.

Many of the NACTEL students have credit from prior learning. You don’t have to be transferring directly from another degree program to be considered a transfer student. Whether you are coming directly from another program or if several years have elapsed since you attended school, your admission would be processed as a transfer student.

Transfer Credit Requirements

Prospective students can transfer college level course work from a regionally accredited institution. You can transfer up 68 credits from a two year institution and 90 credits from a four year institution, however it is likely that not all of your transfer credits will count toward your intended major.

Additionally, you must earn a minimum number of credits from Pace University to earn a degree from Pace.

  • To earn an Associate degree, 32 of the last credits you take must be earned at Pace University.
  • To earn a Bachelor’s degree, 36 of the 60 credits you take as a student must be taken at Pace University.

For a course to qualify for credit:

  • the grade you earned must be a C(2.0) or better
  • there must be an equivalent course offered at Pace.
  • you must be able to use the credit towards your degree requirements
  • credit is not from a course that is graded pass/fail even if the pass requirement equals a C
  • if from an international college, a syllabus for the course must be submitted

Please note that transfer credit is not recorded on a transcript until you have completed your first semester.

Prior Learning Assessment

Pace does offer the opportunity to earn credits towards the degree through a Prior learning Assessment.