Employer Tuition Assistance

If your employer offers a tuition assistance reimbursement program, be sure you take advantage of this opportunity to invest in yourself.

Employer Tuition Assistance

Please contact your tuition assistance provider directly for information on tuition assistance coverage and application procedure. If you work for one of the NACTEL partnering companies, you can find information on the tuition assistance on the NACTEL.org website. If you don’t work for one of these companies, try contacting your Human Resources department.

Here are some key questions to ask HR:

  • What kind of college courses are eligible? Undergraduate or graduate? Credit-bearing or non-credit bearing? Are online college classes acceptable?
  • How are college courses reimbursed? Does the employer pay for the course up front? Or will you need to pay the tuition first and request reimbursement upon course completion? To whom will you submit the request for reimbursement? On a semester basis? On a per-course basis?
  • Is there a GPA requirement? What happens if you fail a class or must drop out.