Prior to Registering

  • Check the appropriate semester calendar for when registration opens.
  • Once you have figured out the courses you intend to take. It is a good idea to schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss the semester’s offerings. Email to schedule an appointment.
  • Understand the Tuition Assistance policies of your company fully, and whether or not you will need a voucher or if you should apply for financial aid.

Non Degree Students (Badge Earner)

Non degree students will be registered by their advisor for the appropriate badge course. Once this has occurred, you will be provided with a registration summary.

Graduate Students

Your advisor will provide an initial advisement for your first semester.

Once you have successfully logged in to the portal, you will be brought to your student portal page. Your portal page is divided into tabs, channels and columns. Click on the Students tab, which is located in the upper left column, then click on Registration and Grades.

Now select the Register, Add or Drop Classes link. Using the drop down menu, select the appropriate semester and click submit.

If you know your course reference number(s) (CRNs), enter the CRNs in the boxes on the Add Classes Worksheet and click Submit Changes. If you do not know your CRN, click the Class Search button in order to look up courses in the class schedule.

  • In order to search, you must select a Subject from the drop down menu. You can refine your class search by specifying all your criteria for a subject, then click Class Search. A list of all classes that meet your criteria will display.
  • Choose your classes by clicking the box to the left of the course title. Please note: a checkmark will appear and you may click on multiple boxes at the same time.
  • Click Add to Worksheet at the bottom of the page. Your current worksheet will populate with the courses you selected.
  • You may continue to select courses before registering. You will be registered for all courses selected when you click on the Submit Changes button.
  • If a class is not available or you have selected classes with the same days and times, a warning/error message will appear with that explanation.
  • When you have finished searching the class schedule and adding classes, click on the Back to Home tab at the top left corner of the Register, Add, or Drop page. It will take you back to the MyPace homepage.


Undergraduate Students

You will be provided with advisements from your advisor with her suggestion of course selection for the semester. Schedule an appointment with your Advisor, email

Adding or Dropping a Course

You may choose to change your schedule (add or drop classes) via portal (graduate students) or by emailing an advisor (undergraduate). All changes of schedule must be made either online or in writing.

 To avoid a penalty, the following guidelines apply:

  • 14-16 week course: Drop prior to & during first two weeks of semester.
  • 6-13 week course: Drop prior to & during first week of semester
  • 1-5 week course: Drop prior to 1st day of semester

Important Note:

Depending on how many credits you drop from, and if your total number of credits falls below 6 credits, your financial aid may be affected, so you should also check with the financial aid office  before dropping from any classes.

Help & Support
You will have access to a number of Pace University staff to help you in specific areas. For instance you will be able to:

Make Transfer Credit Inquiries
Access Forms for Changing Personal or Work-Related Information
Send Email to Technical Support
Add or Drop a Course Using an Online Form
Request Transcripts and/or Grade Reports
Make Billing Inquiries