BBA in Business Studies, Marketing and Management Concentration

Degree Requirements

 Students will take an in-depth look into marketing techniques, organizational business structures, including cultural differences in multinational business operations, and will have an opportunity to pursue an internship or independent study in marketing or management. In addition to developing a modern marketing and managerial skillset, the program develops well-rounded business professionals who are able to work in teams and analyze challenges from varying business perspectives.

Degree Credit Summary

Total Degree Requirements: 120 Credits


BBA Required Courses (19-24 Credits)

Course Required Courses (19-24)Credits
AIT 103Online Seminar1
AIT 107Computer Applications 4
ECO 105Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics3
ECO 106 Principles of Marketing: Microeconomics3
ENG 110Composition 3
ENG 120Critical Writing4
MAT 103Algebra 3
MAT 104Finite Mathematics 3




General/Open Electives (37 Credits)*


BBA Business Core (29 Credits)

Course Business Core (29 Credits)Credts
BUS 101Contemporary Business Practice 3
ACC 203Financial Accounting 4
ACC 204Managerial Accounting 4
LAW 150Business Law I 3
MAR 201Principles of Marketing 3
MGT 150Managerial and Organizational Concepts 3
FIN 260Financial Management 3
MGT 226Business Analytics3
MGT 490Business Strategy3


Statistics Requirement (4 Credits)

MAT 117 Elementary Statistics


Marketing and Management Concentration (23 Credits)

CourseTitleCreditRequired/ Elective
MGT 222Organizational Behavior 3R
MGT 240International Management 3R
MAR 331 Managerial Marketing 3R
MAR 342Public Relations 3R
MAR 349Strategic Internet Marketing3R
MAR or MGT ElectiveMAR or MGT Elective3E


*Not every course will be offered every semester


Elective Concentration Courses (6 credits) Any MAR or MGT elective (i.e. MGT 262) Any MAR or MGT elective (i.e. MGT 342)