Setting up a Proctored Exam 

It will be your responsibility to make scheduling arrangements at least 2 weeks prior to the exam week to ensure you receive a day/time you desire. You will be able to schedule the exam any day/time during the exam week. Please plan to take your exam from a quiet location where there are no other people in the room. A trained Proctor will connect with you to gain access to your exam and monitor your exam session.

NOTE: Exams scheduled or rescheduled within 72 hours of taking will incur a ‘late fee’.

Prior to the Day of the Examination

  • Review and print out a copy of the Proctored Exam Information for details pertaining to your examination. This is located within your course under the COURSE INFORMATION button.
  • At least two (2) weeks prior to any exam week, log into the ProctorU website ( to schedule a day and time for your exams.
  • Download the ProctorU extension (link is on the ProctorU homepage when you scroll down)
  • Check to make sure your computer and Internet connection is functioning properly. This should avoid any technical issues on the day of your scheduled exam. The day before, or even a few hours prior to the exam session would be a good time to do a ‘test’. Go to this link and scroll down to the Live Technician:


On the Day of the Examination

  • A valid photo I.D., such as a driver’s license, must be presented to the proctor.
  • Find a quiet room with a desk or table and no other individuals in the room.
  • Clear your desk area and remove any papers hanging from bulletin boards in your room.
  • You may have on your desk any specified resources as detailed in the Proctored Exam Information.
  • You will need to show the Proctor a 360 degree view of the room you are on. Have a mirror to help the Proctor see behind or under your desk area if you cannot move your webcam freely.
  • You will log into Classes with your Pace Username and Password. The Proctor will take control of your computer when it’s time to enter the exam password.
  • You are not allowed to copy any questions down to take with you after the examination.


After the Examination

  • Upon completion of the exam, let the Proctor know so he/she can ensure successful submission of your exam.
  • Once the examination has been graded and recorded, your grades can be accessed through Classes.