Prior Learning and Competency Assessments

Many of our students come to the Pace University/NACTEL program with either a number of years experience in the industry or with some prior training. Because of that, Pace has created a Prior Learning Assessment system designed to allow you to earn credit toward this degree based on knowledge you’ve acquired through work or other non-credit bearing training or classes.

There are two options you can consider for Prior Learning Assessment:

  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Competency Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment does not include the transfer of credits earned at other accredited institutions.

Portfolio Assessment

When you create a Prior Learning Portfolio, you submit information about specific past experiences and accomplishments to Pace for academic credit assessment. In certain cases, you may have had learning experiences previously evaluated and assigned credit by a national group (i.e., the military or the American Council on Education). Because this type of assessment is conducted on a course-by-course basis, you will need to create and submit a separate portfolio for each course you wish to by-pass. Portfolios are then evaluated by Pace faculty with expertise in the subject matter. All training or prior learning must be directly related to individual course work within the Pace University/NACTEL program.

In general, the contents of each portfolio should include:

  1. Title Sheet
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Resume
  4. Autobiography/Educational Goals Statements
  5. Statement of How Prior Learning or Experience Relates to Degree Plan
  6. Detailed Description of Prior Learning or Experience
  7. Identification of the Learning
  8. Documentation (certificates, licenses, official school transcripts, etc.)
  9. Annotated Bibliography/Resources
  10. Copy of the Student’s Transcripts, if applicable
  11. Suggestions for Evaluation

Because this can be an overwhelming and complicated task, Pace has created a special 2 credit Prior Learning Assessment Course that will walk you through this process.

Competency Assessment

If you only have one or two courses for which you’d like credit, you might opt to take a Proficiency Exam for individual classes. The cost for each exam is equal to one credit, and you must receive a score of 85% or better to be awarded credit and allowed to by-pass the course. Exams must be proctored, and the time and date pre-arranged.

These assessments are designed not only to illustrate that you possess sufficient knowledge and skill in a specific area, but also to ensure that you have the foundation necessary for successful completion of the Pace University/NACTEL program.

To take a Proficiency Exam, submit a request in writing to your Advisor.