BS in Professional Technology Studies, Telecommunications Concentration

Degree Requirements

  Students gain a thorough understanding of both the technical and operational aspects of the industry, and emerge prepared for success in a wide range of telecom careers.

Degree Credit Summary

Total Degree Requirements: 120 Credits

Required Foundation Courses (13 Credits)

Course Required Courses (13)Credits
AIT 103Online Seminar1
AIT 107Computer Applications 4
ENG 120Critical Writing4
MAT 125Technical Math4

Major Prerequisite Courses (12)

Course Major Electives (16 Credits)CredIts
AIT 109Global Telecommunications Essentials4
AIT 111Electric Circuits4
AIT 233Wireless LAN4
AIT 235Telecommunications II4

Arts & Science Electives (36-48 Credits)


Major Courses (36 Credits)*

Major Core Courses (16)

Course Major Core (16 Credits)CredIts
AIT 371Fiber Optics4
AIT 381Emerging Broadband Technologies4
AIT 382Voice Over IP Technologies4
AIT 383Emerging Wireless Technologies4

Major Elective Courses (16)

Course Major Elective (Choose 16 credits)Credits
CIT 201 Introduction to Programming Using Python3
CIT 211 Introduction to Computer System Hardware 4
CIT 221 Global Networking Technology4
CIT 231 Web Authoring and Digital Media4
CIT 361 Forensic Investigation, Acquisition, and Analysis of Digital Evidence4
CIT 363Computer Forensics, Cyberlaw and Evidence Admissibility4
CIT 365 Mobile Device Forensics4
TS 314 Operating Systems4

Major Capstone Courses (Choose 1 set) (4)**

Course Capstone (4 Credits)Credits
IT 603Overview of Information Security3
CIS 125Unix Fundamentals1
IT 605Database Management Systems3
AIT 196CPC Applications for Telecommunication: Access1
IT 607Systems Development and Project Management3
CIS 102NIntroduction to Project Manager1


General/Open Electives (12-24 Credits)


*Not every course will be offered every semester

**Students are eligible to take the Major Capstone selection once they have fulfilled ALL of the following:

  • Completed 3 out of the 4 Major Core courses (AIT 371, AIT 381, AIT 382, AIT 383)
  • Earned a minimum of 90 credits
  • Earned a GPA above 3.2