We have worked closely with two bookstores so you can have the books you need for your classes.

We know there are other bookstore options out there on the Web – but these two bookstores are very carefully focused on the NACTEL program and are prepared to take great care of you. We recommend you check pricing and shipping costs for both bookstores before ordering so you are getting the best deal.

Books can be purchased new, used, and as an e-book when available. In some classes you can also rent your text book. Both bookstores will offer these choices.

If you are ordering from any other store, be sure you match the ISBN exactly. Different editions of the same book title can have different content. Your instructor will expect you to be using the correct book.

ALWAYS order your books as soon as possible, so that you will have them in time for your classes. Please do not wait for financial aid awards as these may not be issued until the 3rd week of your classes and you will be far behind. Plan ahead to have funds to purchase your books before classes start.

Once there, you will need to know your CRN (class number) to order your specific books for your class. You will find the CRN on your registration summary. If you cannot find the CRN number, please contact your advisor who can provide it for you. Start by selecting your term and then type in the course prefix (AIT, CIT, etc) in ALL CAPS. Then type in the course number (109, 120, 251, etc) and then select your CRN (40652,70221, etc). After selecting all your classes, press the FIND MATERIALS FOR COURSE button at the bottom of the page. Follow the steps to order those items.