We have worked closely with two bookstores so you can have the books you need for your classes.

We know there are other bookstore options out there on the Web – but these two bookstores are very carefully focused on the NACTEL program and are prepared to take great care of you. We recommend you check pricing and shipping costs for both bookstores before ordering so you are getting the best deal.

Books can be purchased new, used, and as an e-book when available. In some classes you can also rent your text book. Both bookstores will offer these choices.

If you are ordering from any other store, be sure you match the ISBN exactly. Different editions of the same book title can have different content. Your instructor will expect you to be using the correct book.

ALWAYS order your books as soon as possible, so that you will have them in time for your classes. Please do not wait for financial aid awards as these may not be issued until the 3rd week of your classes and you will be far behind. Plan ahead to have funds to purchase your books before classes start.

Once there, you will need to know your CRN (class number) to order your specific books for your class. You will find the CRN on your registration summary. If you cannot find the CRN number, please contact your advisor who can provide it for you. Start by selecting your term and then type in the course prefix (AIT, CIT, etc) in ALL CAPS. Then type in the course number (109, 120, 251, etc) and then select your CRN (40652,70221, etc). After selecting all your classes, press the FIND MATERIALS FOR COURSE button at the bottom of the page. Follow the steps to order those items.










Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary program of 120 credits designed for transfer and advanced students. Eligible applicants should have completed a minimum of 24 college credits.

Many of the people we see in the liberal studies program are eclectic learners who have been resistant to boxes and the academic timeline. We want to nurture those aspects of their learning experience. The standard path doesn’t work for everyone, and we do not want to exhaust anyone’s resilience or patience with a college experience. There is a lot of respect for someone who has chosen Pace as their last college stop.

Stephanie Hsu, Associate Professor

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program gives students the opportunity to create an individualized plan of study so they can focus on the courses that are most relevant to their interests and career goals. When choosing a concentration, the student works closely with advisers from the Dyson College of Arts and Sciences.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Studies, Marketing and Management Concentration

Earn this degree from the Lubin School of Business, which is dully-accredited in business and accounting from AACSB international, as elite distinction shared by fewer than 3% of institutions worldwide. Large and small businesses alike can benefit greatly from marketers who are adept at applying mathematics and data analytics to their strategic marketing efforts.

Pace University’s online BBA in Business Studies with a Marketing and Management concentration prepares students to become highly sought-after marketing professionals. Students will take an in-depth look into marketing techniques, organizational business structures, including cultural differences in multinational business operations. In addition to developing a modern marketing and managerial skillset, the program develops well-rounded business professionals who are able to work in teams and analyze challenges from varying business perspectives.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Studies, Finance Concentration


Our BBA in Business Studies with a Finance concentration prepares students for the corporate world by giving them an in-depth look into financial management. With the help of experienced practitioners, students learn to analyze a firm’s current and future financial condition, manage firm assets, identify sources of short and long-term financing, and time financial strategies.
Graduates from our program are well-versed in securities and investments, money and capital markets, and investment risk analysis, and can go on to pursue careers as financial advisors, bankers, accountants, and financial analysts.

    Degree Requirements


    Bachelor of Science in Professional Technology Studies, Business Technology Leadership Concentration

    The need for technology experts with effective business leadership skills has increased as the field of Information Technology continues to advance. Students in the Business Technology Leadership degree will graduate with leadership skills and credentials to propel their career forward.

    • A strong foundation in technical aspects of technology leadership
    • Business skills necessary to be a dynamic leader in the organization
    • An understanding of effective communication between individuals from diverse domestic and international culture

    Since these courses are highly technical and offered only at the Bachelor’s level, you must meet ALL the prerequisite requirements for the Bachelor’s degree in order to participate.

    Degree Requirements

    Bachelor of Science in Professional Technology Studies, Telecommunications Concentration


    The online Bachelor of Science in Professional Technology Studies, Telecommunications Concentration prepares students for many intermediate and advanced positions in the telecommunications industry.

    The goal of this program is to prepare students for successful professions in a global economy, even in the midst of rapid technological change. The B.S. Professional Technology Studies, Telecommunications Concentration provides:

    • A solid understanding of emerging telecommunications technologies, including Fiber Optics, Broadband, Voice Over IP and Wireless
    • A strong base in the fundamental industry concepts and practices
    • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills using computer technology
    • A keen awareness of telecom industry management and operations
      Teamwork, communications and career development skills and best practices

    Degree Requirements