Advanced Certificate in Emerging Telecommunications Technology

This certificate, offered by Pace University, addresses the needs of the experienced student who has already completed his/her associate’s level education and who wants to acquire knowledge of telecom’s emerging technologies through an online learning format.

You may apply for this certificate after completing the required courses regardless of whether or not you choose to continue on and earn your B.S. in Professional Technology Studies, Telecommunications Concentration.

  • Depending on the courses you are transferring in, you may be required to take some prerequisite courses before registering for any courses specific to a certificate.
  • Like all Bachelor Degree applicants, individuals interested in the certificate must submit all official transcripts and enter with a minimum QPA of 2.5.
  • Students who meet the entry qualifications can expect to complete the certificate program in about one to one and a half years, on a part time basis.

Advanced Certificate In Emerging Telecommunications Technology – Requirements

CourseMAJOR TECHNICAL COURSES (16 credits)Credits
AIT 371Fiber Optics4
AIT 381Emerging Broadband Technologies4
AIT 382Voice over IP Technologies4
AIT 383Emerging Wireless Technologies4
Total Major Technical Credits  16
CourseCAPSTONE COURSES (Choose 4 credits)Credits
AIT 196CAdvanced Computer Applications for Telecommunications: MS Access1
CIS 102NIntroduction to Project Management1
CIS 125Unix Fundamentals1
IT 603Overview of Information Security3
IT 605Database Management Systems3
IT 607System Development and Project Management3
Total Capstone Credits  4
Total Certificate Credits Required   20

Students are eligible to take the Capstone selection once they have fulfilled ALL of the following:

  • Completed 3 out of the 4 Major Core courses (AIT 371, AIT 381, AIT 382, AIT 383)
  • Earned a minimum of 90 credits
  • Earned a GPA above 3.2

Upon successful completion of the five required certificate courses with Pace University, you must complete and submit an Application for Certificate.