Adding and Dropping Courses

Before you can add or drop a course, you must first discuss it with your Advisor. If you are currently a student and need to add or drop a class, please access the appropriate form below.

Add A Course
Drop A Course


Adding a Course

Your Advisor will want to make sure you can handle the additional course load since some classes may carry a heavier workload than others. He or she might advise you to wait, or discuss other options with you.

You may add a class only during the first week of the semester. You will be charged full tuition as well as any General Institution and Laboratory Fees.

Dropping a Course

Your Advisor will most likely contact you to discuss in more detail your reasons for dropping the course in an effort to help you find another solution. However, if you do decide to drop a course, you should know that even though you officially withdraw from a course, you are still responsible for a portion of the tuition – as indicated below.

You will receive a refund on tuition ONLY according to the following schedule:


Time of WithdrawalTime Period% Cancellation
Prior to and During:Week 1 of 12-week term100%
During:Week 2 of term70%
During:Week 3 of term20%
After:Week 3 of term0%

Help & Support

You will have access to a number of Pace University staff to help you in specific areas. For instance you will be able to:

  • Make Transfer Credit Inquiries
  • Access Forms for Changing Personal or Work-Related Information
  • Send Email to Technical Support
  • Add or Drop a Course Using an Online Form
  • Request Transcripts and/or Grade Reports
  • Make Billing Inquiries